Socialization of the corgi little one

About babies
First steps of raising

Raising begins as soon as you pick the puppy up! From their first days in the house, puppy needs to be taught the rules of behavior and interaction with all family members.
Well, it's time to go over some basic rules for you and your puppy.

Let me start by saying that a dog is cool, interesting, and fun. The abilities of dogs are amazing, they think and understand the world in an extraordinary way. 

Your puppy is a personality. Furthermore, each puppy is different, with their own character and temperament.

All puppies, without exception, can be taught amazing things! If you train them, love them, raise them, and take the time to teach them.

A dog in the home means discipline, understanding, acceptance and unconditional love. Sometimes it's chewed up your favourite trainers (which you'd better put away beforehand) or sleepless nights.

A puppy is a mix of positivity, instincts and self-opinion, a warm tongue and dirty paws.
You have positive beliefs and you're aware that any outcome requires knowledge, time and hard work: whether it's a beautiful figure, a healthy relationship or a well-bred puppy. 

The arrival of a new baby is a very exciting time and you need to put yourself in a relaxed mood. The start of the weekend is a good time to start adapting your puppy.

For the first few days, try to take your puppy outside to the loo every hour and right after his nap and every meal. It's also important to satisfy puppy's need to chew by providing them with safe toys. 

We recommend that you begin by teaching the puppy`s name. To do this, call his/her name as often as possible. They can then be taught the commands "sit", "lie down" and "fetch". Make sure to reward Corgi with a yummy treat (like a piece of cheese) for a successful command and give them lots of praise for even small victories, while misbehaviour should be ignored or their attention should be switched on.

Specialised training course is best to start after four months.

Consistency is a key, so don't fall for the tricks of this tricky dog. As Corgi is a playful breed, it's best to train them with play.

Make sure the rules are clear, enforce them consistently, and don't let anyone in the family change the rules. 

Dogs love their owners more than they love themselves. They fight for attention, they constantly seek approval, they "offer themselves" in training. We train them to pee on command and ask our permission before going to meet the dog. They are willing to put up with inconveniences - all for the sake of their human.