10 interesting facts about Welsh corgi breed

About corgi
Corgis are broken up into two categories: Welsh Pembrokes and Welsh Cardigans. Pembrokes are either tri-colored or that crouton, red-foxed color you’re probably used to seeing. I get a lot of corgi related questions so I figured I’d put a bunch of things here.

1. Corgi means “dwarf dog”

Or at least it might. The origin of the name “Corgi” is difficult to determine. Some say it combines the Welsh word “cor,” which means to watch over or gather, with “gi,” a form of the Welsh word for dog. Others have the interpretation that the word “cor” means dwarf, and combine that with “gi,” you have dwarf dog. Either way, these certainly describe the Welsh Corgi. And of course, the “Pembroke Welsh” part of the Pembroke & Cardigan Welsh Corgi names come from the dog’s origins.

2. Legend has it, they are “enchanted” dogs

Welsh legend says the fairies and elves of Wales used the Pembroke Welsh Corgi to pull fairy coaches, work fairy cattle, and serve as the steed for fairy warriors. If you look closely, even today you can see the marks of the “fairy saddle” over the shoulders in the Pembroke’s coat.

3. An Interesting Heritage

Pems and Cardis don’t share a common ancestor and come from different sections of Wales. The two breeds also have completely different origins, with the Cardigan, one of the oldest breeds in the British Isles, being older by over two thousand years. Their ancestors were brought to Wales by the Celtic tribes of central Europe. They descended from the German Teckel lineage (which also gave us the Dachshund) and arrived in Wales in roughly 1200 BC.
As for the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, Pembrokes arrived in Wales with the Vikings and are descended from the Nordic Spitz breeds.

4. Corgis Pembroke always look like they’re smiling

It’s true. The way their mouth is open when agape it always looks like they’re smiling. And you know, most of the time, Chelsea is smiling inside because she is one of the happiest friendliest dogs I’ve ever met. The world could be crumbling but she’ll still be in a good mood. That is why I love her so much.

5. Cardigan vs. Pembroke: Physical Qualities

The acceptable coat colors are more varied for the Cardigan. They come in brindle, black and white with brindle or tan points, red and sable with white markings, and blue merle. The only coat colors for the Pembroke are red, sable, and tricolor with white markings. Cardigans are also less restricted in their white markings than the Pembroke.

6. Corgis LOVE food

Corgi is very food driven which is good and bad. I can get them to do just about anything for a rind of watermelon. But they also have been known to steal bagels, eat whole blog posts and have no shame in eating a mouldy bologna sandwich they find in the bushes. There is no harm in your dog enjoying good food, but you should know the boundaries.

7. Corgis and Canine IQ

In "The Intelligence of Dogs" published in 1994, Coren, psychology professor at the University of British Columbia, presented the results of a survey involving more than 200 professional dog obedience judges. Of 110 breeds ranked based on intelligence, the Pembroke Welsh corgi took 11th place; the Cardigan, which the FCI says possesses "almost human intelligence," came in 26th. While high intelligence and trainability often go hand-in-hand, please note, that a smart pooch can be more difficult to control than a dumber dog because bright dogs quickly learn how to manipulate their masters to their own advantage.

8. Corgis are bossy

Chelsea likes to be in control. She wants to be the boss all the time. But I’m a boss so this is our daily struggle. She barks and cries and whines until she gets her way. Unfortunately for her, I am kind of patient and good at blocking her out and ignoring her.

9. Do you know what is Corgi “zoomies”?

Your Corgi engages in what is known as “frapping.”
Your dog may tire themself out running around in circles, dashing from room to room, also known as  “frantic random acts of play” or more casually, “zoomies”. Is it important to let your dog have their "zoomies"? Yes, since the zoomies are a sign of being happy. It's not a bad thing, and it's a sign that your dog is enjoying life. You want them to be able to express their happiness.

10. A Corgi Cardigan is said to have a long lifespan, coming in at 18 years.

Corgis are considered small to medium-sized dogs, and they have a life expectancy of up to 15 years. Since Corgis don't get very big, they won't have to deal with many of the health issues that large dogs do. This helps add to their longevity.

P.S. The Queen Has Owned More Than 30 Royal Corgis Since 1945

If corgis weren't the absolute best, why would Queen Elizabeth have famously had more than 30 of them in her lifetime? The Queen loves this breed so much that it's believed Meghan Markle's warm welcome into the royal family was a direct result of the fact that they immediately took to her when they first met.