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Is a Corgi right for me?
Is a Corgi right for me?
Among the most agreeable of all small housedogs, Welsh Corgi is a strong, athletic, and lively little herder who is affectionate and companionable without being needy. Due to their small size, Corgi is an ideal companion dog for both a small apartment and a private home.

Welsh Corgi presents a big dog in a small package. Corgi is surprisingly quick and agile. They are the bright, sensitive dogs who enjoy play with his human family and respond well to training. As herders bred to move cattle, they are fearless and independent. They are vigilant watchdogs, with acute senses and a 'big dog' bark.

Families who can meet their bold but kindly Corgi's need for activity and togetherness will never have a more loyal, loving pet.

What do I need to know about Corgis? Where can I inform myself?
information about corgi
For this we have set up the breed portrait area and hope to contribute to a comprehensive picture.
Pems and Cardis have different characters.
In short, the character of Cardigan is wonderful. Solid and loyal companion, affectionate and attentive to the owner, will accompany you wherever you go, vigilant and distrustful of strangers - that's what they are, real Cardigans.
Cardigan will quickly understand and accept all family rules, what can and what can't be done. The main thing is to be consistent and not to change the rules as the baby grows up.
You can learn to enjoy every day in your life from Pembroke! This dog - the eternal positive, friendly buddy to everyone.

Welsh Corgi loves car rides, they easily can visit your office and go to caffe. Corgi will happily spend time in the forest as well as in a five-star hotel. They also love to be with their owners all the time and to take part in any common activity. In case you decide to have a nap, your Corgi will snuggle up next to you.

Should I get a male or female?
red white welsh corgi buy
The difference between dogs is like the difference between people. Is it possible to say who is better, one person or the other? They're just different, even within the same sex.

We live with both girls and boy, but we still can't decide who we like more.

In general, boys are more straightforward, their actions are more understandable, they are good for training, sports. Girls are more cunning, but they are also more malleable and easier to agree with. I think boys trust their owners more and think less on their own. Girls have special days and their whole life is subject to cycles. They can get irritable before these days, fortunately this period is short.

Obedience depends not on the sex of the dog, but on the degree of education and contact with the owner. In this case, if the boy is quick to agree with what is not allowed, the girl will check a few times - and maybe still she can do it.

Sum up, Corgi is not a breed that has significant advantages in one gender or another--the males are just as good with children and other pets as the females, are as easy to housebreak, and are not more aggressive. The experienced breeder will be able to advise you which puppy's temperament meets your needs-they don't want to put the go-go-go puppy with a retired couple who want a couch potato, nor the quiet puppy in the home with 4 children and a position waiting on the soccer team!

With the right relationship, both girl and boy will be equally loyal to their owner.

I work, how can I handle a puppy properly?
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First, try to bring your puppy home during your vacation when you can spend some time with your new addition and start his or her house training. If you can't use vacation time, plan to take your puppy home on a long holiday weekend. If you cannot go home at lunch, try to get a friend or pet sitter to take your puppy out at noontime. If that is not feasible, leave the puppy's crate door open so he or she can have access to water, food, and newspapers (not for reading!) until you come home after work.

Do they get along with children and other pets?
corgi and children
Corgi is a perfect dog for families with children. This friendly dog is always ready to play. They are medium sized and strong, that allows them to play with children without any harm.

Many breeders have cats and other pets who have close relationships with their dogs, and others make an effort to introduce their puppies to other species during their early socialization. Common sense is needed in introducing the puppy to a small cage pet so that no one gets nipped, and Pup understands that the ferret or bunny is a pet and not something to be "dispatched" (remember that Corgi is a farm dog!) Corgi living with other dogs, especially larger breeds, generally become the "boss" and herd the others around (sometimes to their annoyance). They are also happy to herd up errant children, especially if they're running, and the parents must be consistent in correcting this behaviour from the beginning to prevent a later problem with "nipping heels." It may be cute in a baby puppy, but a pinch on the heel or calf from a larger and still enthusiastic herder hurts!

If you are planning to get a puppy for a family where the children are 10+, in any case you should consider that the entire responsibility for caring the puppy will fall on your shoulders. So first and foremost, the decision is yours.

What about shedding?
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Oh, yes, they shed! A spayed or neutered Corgi will generally shed their undercoat (the soft, lighter hair beneath their coarse outer coat) in prodigious amounts in the spring or summer and more than the usual frequent combing and brushing is then called for. A good bath, followed by some serious combing, will remove the "tufts," with a second bath and grooming in the next week or two to get out the remainder. If you want to put the soft "fur" out for the birds to build their nests with, you can provide "cashmere wallpaper" for every bird nest in your neighbourhood!

A philosophical thought: dogs either shed or need expensive haircuts--vacuum cleaner bags are cheaper than the local groomer!!

Is the Corgi suitable for an Owner of an elegant age?
Is the Corgi suitable for an Owner of an elegant age
The size of Corgi is small, and the Owner will certainly be able to handle the dog. Corgi will enjoy spending time with his Owner, since he or she has plenty time to spend it with the dog.

It is important to pay attention to Corgi's upbringing, so that he or she doesn't grow up too spoiled, you need to be firm in basic rules of behaviour. Also, Corgis are quite active dogs, so it is crucial to understand that it is not a dog for the couch. Regular walks throughout the day are necessary. An activity of a new Owner is enough for a walk.

Since puppies are constantly growing, including several short walks or play sessions throughout the day is a safer choice than going for one really long walk, as this can be too hard on your puppy’s developing body.

Do they need much exercise?
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Corgi needs a modicum of exercise to maintain his mental and physical health. They tolerate exercise well but should not be pushed beyond reasonable limits. Remember, this is a short-legged breed, which will do well on short or long walks, jogging, or working in herding or agility events. Use common sense when exercising your Corgi; avoid extreme heat or cold and always provide plenty of cool, fresh water after exercise. Corgis do best when stimulated regularly through both physical and mental activities.

Ultimately, every puppy is different, and the more time you spend with your pup the more you will learn about how much exercise they need to keep them happy — and you sane!

Why isn't the baby Pembroke red?
corgi puppy photo
Little Pems are not the same color as adult dogs. Red-and-white puppies are usually brownish, with a dark stripe on the back and a dark tail. A puppy’s coat color will change as they mature.
Tricolors look black and white as babies, with age the red coloration appears. Baby corgi's ears are floppy at first, and begin to rise closer to two months. Usually up to 4 months of age the ears stand up on their own, but if you see that the age is approaching, and the ears are still not raised, then you need to plaster them on the right position.

Are there many differences between Pembrokes and Cardigans?
welsh corgi
I was asked this question by a friend of mine. The whole Internet is full of Pems - red faces, funny furry buts without tails, people have a certain stereotype that corgis are necessarily cute red foxes!

Cardigan, on the other hand, has a calmer personality, it is a solid and loyal companion. Strong and sturdy, Cardigan gives the impression of a large and serious dog. But only "undersized." Welsh Corgi Cardigan has a great variety in color options, from red and tricolor to brindle and blue merle.

Although Pembrokes and Cardigans have similarities, they are two different breeds, not a variation of each other. Cardigan is longer than Pembroke and heavier boned with a smaller eye and larger ear.

Both Pembroke and Cardigan are intelligent dogs, trainable and good with children. (reference to the article pems vs cardis).
Pembroke vs Cardigan

I am interested in a puppy from your kennel. What do I need to know and what should I do?
corgi from kennel
Our dogs are licensed (with the corresponding breed show results) and tested for HD status. We have the breeding facility acceptance by the BCU and attend regular training courses. Our dogs are family members and are very important to us.

Our puppies are not given away before the eight’s week. They are then vaccinated, microchipped, examined by the breed warden and examined by a veterinarian, dewormed 4 times and of course have a pedigree from the BCU/FCI. They grow up in an environment that includes social contact with animals, people and children and experience adventures in the puppy enclosure, yard and exercise area. They know driving, noises from the food processor to the lawnmower.

The demand for Corgis far exceeds the number of puppies. We therefore try to carefully select the future owners and assess their suitability as best as possible. Even after moving out, we feel connected to all our puppies and look forward to news or photos, so sympathy plays a major role in the selection.

It is best to write to us using our contact form. Please include your full name and a phone number if possible.

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Some information about you and what you expect from a dog will help us to assess your request. How did you come up with the corgi? Do you already have dog experience? Do they have fixed ideas about gender or color?
Please do not hesitate to contact other FCI breeders. We are in regular contact with many of them, without any competition.

How old should they be before I can bring one home?
tricolor corgi photo
A Corgi puppy should never be moved into a new home before 8 weeks of age locally and at 14 weeks to other countries. Even at 8 weeks, a Corgi puppy is not large, and requires constant supervision from the adults in the family. Small puppies can quickly squeeze behind furniture, chew electrical wires, or fall downstairs. Many breeders will wait until 12 weeks to place puppies in their new homes. This delay is not meant to deprive the new family of the puppy's early development, but because most breeders have found that puppies benefit significantly from interaction with their littermates and their dam after weaning and up to the twelve-week period of a puppy's life. Also, by not selling a puppy prior to 8 weeks of age, the breeder will ensure that the puppy is large enough to fit into a new home and flourish.

Puppies at their 4 - 8 months are still puppies and they also get used to their new family easily. A puppy will love someone who makes time for him and cares for him. Therefore, if your personal schedule does not allow for proper attention and you cannot provide 5 and 4 meals a day to a little one, it is worth looking at older puppies.

What papers do you get with a puppy?
All our puppies are officially registered in the Belarusian Cynological Union and microchipped. Each has a pedigree BCU - FCI and international veterinary passport with marks of deworming and vaccination.
A contract of sale is signed.

Some background information: FCI (French Fédération Cynologique Internationale) is the International Cynological Federation. The Federation includes national cynological organizations from 98 countries, one from each country. From Belarus FCI includes Belarusian Cynological Union (BCU). There are 349 breeds of dogs registered in the FCI system.
corgi puppies

Do I need a pedigree?
corgi with pedigree
The pedigree is the dog's family tree. It provides information about the puppy's ancestors over several generations and thus allows conclusions to be drawn about the puppy's physical tendencies and characteristics. In addition, the name, breed, sex, date of birth, colour, breeder and kennel and chip number of the puppy are also recorded in these documents.

We do not plan to participate in any Dog shows or breeding. Can we get a puppy from your kennel?
buy corgi puppy
Certainly, you can get a puppy in our kennel as a family companion. Participation in Dog shows is a personal decision for your family. If you decide to participate in exhibitions, we are happy to share our experience and advise experienced handlers. From us you can get an adorable Show puppies "for yourself".

We hope that we were able to clarify some questions. If you are still interested, we look forward to your inquiry and to getting to know you better in due course.