While we all know that corgis are cute, there's a lot more to this dog than meets the eye. Read on and discover just what makes the corgi a special breed of dog and learn why these dogs have fascinated the public for decades.

Corgi is special! They are your best friend, companion, and a source of unconditional love. Chances are that you chose this breed because you like Corgis and you expected them to have certain traits that would fit your lifestyle:

• Outgoing and friendly personality
• Athletic and agile
• Good with children and other pets
• Above average intelligence and trainability when positive reinforcement training methods are used
• People-oriented and eager to please
• Compact and will easily fit even in a small apartment
• Not annoying and understand the mood of the owner very well
• Corgi is a dog that makes you smile!
First and foremost, corgi is a companion dog. Welsh Corgi is not a breed that can live somewhere in the backyard by itself. They need to have contact with their owner, they’re ready to accompany you everywhere! They love car rides and are very attentive to the road, you can take them with you to offices and cafes, and those around you, even ardent anti-doggers, respond well to such company.

Corgis ill happily spend time either camping or in a fancy hotel. They will be happy anywhere and will be welcomed everywhere! Corgis love fun games as much as quiet evenings, nestled next to their owner under a warm blanket or at their feet, watching you work. An excellent companion, family, or working dog.
As dogs with brains, Corgi is an ideal sporting partner. The legs of the Pembroke Welsh Corgi are rather short, and therefore the Pembroke does not take much joy in running alongside a bicycle or horse but is by no means a couch dog. The Welsh Corgi Cardigan will happily keep you company on bike rides and horse rides. The Corgi needs tasks suited to his species and loves exercise.

Is it all worth it? Of course! Corgi’s full of personality, and you love them for it! Corgi may be small, but you’ll love their big dog attitude.

For corgi loyalists, there’s no better dog. We sing our praises as good dogs for owners who want to be a little bit more active. Thanks to their high energy and a tendency to want a routine, corgis are “the best personal trainers you could ever have.”