Hello, I`m Tatsiana Trayan.

Corgi Pembroke and Cardigan are my passion and a huge part of my life, and I will do my best to make you fall in love with these small shepherds with a big heart!

Ursa Major`Pro is a small family kennel. All family members share my hobby, take part in the life of the dogs and of course in puppy raising. Without the support of my family, I would not be able to manage this!

We spend a great deal of time, energy, love and money developing our kennel.

Thanks to the support of my family, I successfully combine my hobby with professional career.

My background includes a Medical Doctor degree, PhD, besides in my backpack an Economics education and EMBA business school.

In my professional career and in kennel development I follow the concept of Lifelong Learning and always try to gain and apply new knowledge to achieve a high level of quality.

I think it`s very important to reflect on dogbreeding, keeping your knowledge as a breeder up to date and to constantly move on.

I discovered my love for dogs in early childhood and it was always clear to me - never without a dog!

Everything started in 2018, when we adopted a beautiful Corgi by the name of Chelsea (Talli Tai Anaitis). We had no idea all the magic she would bring to our life! She immediately charmed us with her strong personality and especially her short tail which wasn’t very common for a Pembroke. She painted a brightly colored canvas in our hearts and asked for nothing in return, but our companionship for life.

Thanks to Chelsea, going to dog shows became a hobby and through learning and better understanding of this wonderful breed, our fascination grew.
So, I started to get more involved with corgi breed, read a lot of literature and communicated with numerous breeders at home and abroad. This made it possible to determine the direction of our own breeding.

I decided to go to a kennel training class organized by the Belorussian Cynological Union. Having passed that in 2020, we registered our kennel Ursa Major`Pro at both FCI and BCU. Chelsea became the foundation of our bloodline.

The kennel`s name came from something cosmic, the brightly shining star constellation Ursa Major was chosen as the kennel`s name.

Having both knowledge and experiences in animal reproduction, we decided to adopt the new Corgi members, we purposely selected the bloodlines of the famous kennels of Europe, Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

Our Pembroke corgis have finished Champions of Belarus titles and demonstrate confident victories at the shows in Belarus.
Interest in Cardigan corgis began when we got acquainted with the breed at dog shows.

Although there are some obvious differences between these two affectionate and intelligent members of the Herding Group, people often confuse the two breeds. So, I started to get more involved with both herding dog breeds.

Before breeding Welsh Corgi Cardigan, I thoroughly studied the breed at large monobreed and international shows. We carefully approached the selection of our Welsh Corgi Cardigan dogs. Given the experience with Pembroke, in our cardigans we wanted to collect the bloodlines of the leading kennels of Russia, Ukraine, USA and Europe. To our great fortune, a litter of cardigan corgis was just born in the Night Keepish kennel, which is how we got our brindle Nika (Night Keepish Unikalnaya).

We`ve got a unique opportunity to compare the two breeds of Corgi.

Now three Corgi Cardigans are members of our kennel tricolor Molly (Night Keepish Lemon Kush), brindle Nika (Night Keepish Unikalnaya) and blue-merle Monro (Ormai Shaista)

Night Keepish Lemon Kush or Molly, a great hope of our kennel, in 2021 successfully finished the title of Junior Champion of Belarus and became the winner of Corgi Championship, leaving behind more than 55 Pembroke and Cardigan corgis.

Molly has started 2022 with an amazing victory at a Dog show in Russia, and she easily finished the title of Junior Champion of Russia and Champion of Russia.

Grand Champion of Belarus, Breed Champion.
Nika has successfully finished Champions of Belarus in 2021.
Monro candidate to Grand Champion of Belarus.

Due to the best bloodlines of the leading kennels our dogs have a description of the ideal purebred Corgi:

- Balanced, friendly personality. Never shy or vicious

- Well-built anatomy

- Сorrect head shape with a typical intelligent expression

- Moderately long and low

Intelligent outlook and correct temperament are of primary importance for us.


We are a Registered Kennel, and we accept the Standard of the breed as approved by FCI as the only Standard of excellence by which Welsh Corgis shall be judged.

We breed according to our high standards from carefully selected parents from the most successful bloodlines around the world (Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus).

We ensure that all the puppies that we offer come from healthy parents, with good backgrounds, and that the wellbeing of each individual puppy comes before financial goals.
We breed an average of just 3-4 litters per year.
The goal of our kennel is raising the BEST quality Corgi puppies in every aspect including health, temperament and of course - good looks, who would become beloved friends and family members to new corgi owners.

  • We show our dogs and most our dogs are Registered Champions and Grand Champions or have come from Champion bloodlines
  • As a physician I closely work with our Veterinarian to develop and maintain high quality standards and ensure the health and well-being of our parent dogs and puppies
  • We spend a lot of time and effort educating the pups. The pups are well socialized. It's not just the appearance that's crucial to us, but also the mental health (“stuffing”) of the little ones
  • Our dream team consists of the best Handlers, Dog trainers, Groomers & Vets.
Quality Over Quantity is our basic principle. Each pup is raised in our house with love till there 3-4 months.
The goal is to create confident individuals, who understand at a very early age, how to communicate with people, control their emotions and to not be scared of novel things or experiences.

Ursa Major`Pro hopes to find the perfect home for each puppy available as a pet.
Puppies are evaluated and placed in the home that best matches their needs and personalities.

Ursa Major`Pro Corgis now at their forever homes Elsewhere in Belarus and in 13 countries of West and East Europe & West Asia (Germany, Austria, Luxemburg, Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Republic of Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Russia).

2023 we have finished with several significant victories of our Dogs at the shows in Belarus and abroad.


2024 we are going to participate in the local Dog shows and we have ambitious plans also for international Dog shows.

We are waiting for two litters for Pembroke and two litters for Cardigan Corgis.

We have plans to share breedings/litters in frames of co-owning and teach new owners the ropes of breeding a stud dog or raising their first litters under our kennel`s name as a new way of our kennel development.

When you acquire a corgi from Ursa Major`Pro, you can be sure that our family stands behind each puppy. We are proud of our bloodlines and every puppy is loved and played with by our family.

If you are ready for a puppy that personifies the Welsh Corgi breed, contact us.